About Us




Most of you know me as V.B.D. aka Vijay B. Dutt.

Studied at The Doon School, arguably the best school in India and then armed myself with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and hit the road for 35 years which took me all over the world more than five hundred times. Early influences were travelling to Goa by boat from Bombay  in1966 and visiting Bhutan in 1977- the happiest country in the world which is also near100% organic. Have always been in the development of handloom, craft, clothing and combined with my wide travels I bring a lot to the table for you to experience a way of life that that could be private, participative or public depending upon your calling which everyone should strive to attain.

An acorn in our minds has grown into an oak tree...

My subconscious mind was full of a thousand and one things to do after all that I had experienced. I wanted to share the goodness of life, best practises world wide and more importantly Indic wisdom and traditions urging everyone to balance work and play. Encapsulating all this was a challenge but bit by bit, day by day our dream was realised.

The Five Seasons House, in Bangalore, is a handcrafted art community centre which is also the abode of The Dutt family. It has more than a hundred placed examples of recycling metal, wood and glass and also preaches practices on sustainable living and conserving resources in the form of models. This journey was organic and has taken more than five years to complete.

Our various nooks provide you any platform you seek to step off the pedal, just be, initiate goals or innovate. We have Maker Spaces, DIY areas, five rooms for Co-Work & HomeStay and a D- School where there is constant buzz keeping you one step ahead and broad basing your skills, imagination and creativity.

Design in its base sense helps villages of India & micro entrepreneurs connect world wide through our 'Craft Santhe' & bi-annual participations at Handicrafts & Gift Fairs without layers of middle men and thus, profits go back to the maker. -Our experience with VengaMedu Village and Muthur Village are interesting examples of our project 'Village to Villa'. -Our D-School strives to develop innovative and creative solutions for social spaces, easy living and business, too.

-We have positive balance of energy, light, water and air which provide a well packaged holistic experience.

-Our products and services are customised to integrate with your lifestyle seemlessly making it a 'Win -Win'.

At The Five Seasons House, we are a microcosm of all that makes India a great nation and the World a great place. It was our dream to 'share-for-sure' our beautifully allocated nooks for the community to benefit at large and also from each individual's social effort.

It's a must-see  and experience as time stands still.